The Watermelon vs. the Pumpkin

It was hot. The dirt was dry, just like the watermelon liked it. Last night it rained so the watermelon drank it all up and turned red, with big black seeds inside.

Next to the watermelon was a pumpkin, bright orange and much more proud than the watermelon because of its pretty orange color. At Halloween it would be everyone’s favorite.

Ha! said the watermelon. You look great on the outside, but on the inside you’re ugly, gooey, and even a little smelly. You have long stringy things and ugly seeds all mooshed together.

“Well,” said the pumpkin. At halloween my kids come and pick me up, and carve a beautiful face and sometimes even light a candle on my inside, and I have a wonderful face.

The watermelon thought for a moment and imagined that pumpkin. That pumpkin would be an ugly face with teeth and pointy eyes.

The pumpkin knew what Mr. watermelon was thinking.

He said I’m not ugly. I’m SCARY. You’re just a big smooth fruit that looks like a green rock that kids eat, and they spit out your seeds.

Bad news. Big pumpkin forgot one thing. Mr. Watermelon was LOVED by all the kids. they even had a birthday party, and opened up Mr. Watermelon to find a beautiful, red, juicy, tasty, yummy watermelon. All the kids laughed and ate till their stomachs were full of watermelon juice.

Big Pumpkin was sad. Mr. Watermelon was gone. Maybe he even missed the watermelon. That big juicy guy was gone.

Mr. Watermelon was sad too. He was all eaten. But he’d be back next year, since one of the seeds fell on the ground next to Big pumpkin, ready to grow into a big juicy watermelon next year.

A little boy came over to the pumpkin, sat down next to him, and said that at Halloween he–Big Pumpkin– would be his favorite pumpkin, and would he please grow big and round to make his halloween the best ever?

So the pumpkin smiled, and knew that before winter came both he and Mr. watermelon woud make all kids happy.

And next year both Big Pumpkin and Mr. Watermelon would be back, making all the kids happy from summer until fall.
They’d be best friends next year.


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